How We Decided on the Name Schoogle

I wanted a cool and appropriate name for our blog, so I conducted a survey of Franklin Pierce colleagues and a few friends outside the school who work with academic technology. “Schoogle” was the clear winner, with “Academic Survival Center” a close runner up. I’m glad that Schoogle won, because it’s a unique identifier and will be quick to say. “Did you see today’s Schoogle post?” “Yeah, there’s a link to that on Schoogle.” “Oh my god, did you see that idiotic diatribe about flying monkeys on Schoogle? Who does Tracy think she is?!!”

A poll conducted on

A poll conducted on

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  1. The real question is – is the name or the individuality of the name help shadow the message itself and lose its allure early into the lifespan?

  2. Schoogle…what a great way to identify your blog!! Can’t wait to read about the flying monkeys 😉

  3. mendhamt

     /  July 17, 2008

    Peter, I know, Schoogle could seem derivative, gimmicky, and stale in six months. (Well, it IS derivative, it isn’t just likely to seem so in time.) When I have to rename it, maybe I’ll consult the people who actually know about corporate identity and image crafting–what are they called? Oh yeah, you guys over in college relations!


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