To students: When in doubt, follow directions

Cheap Textbooks in Stillwater

Cheap Textbooks in Stillwater

It’s the August countdown. Students will be arriving on campus very soon–just ten days for new students at Franklin Pierce’s Rindge campus, twelve for returning students.

1) As I tried to think of most important advice or reminder to give students in today’s blog post, I realized there isn’t just one thing to tell you–you’re about to be flooded with information, about campus life, academic policies,  and athletics. So, my best advice is to follow the advice and directions you get from others.  Read the letters and emails you get, to the best of your ability, and underline the parts you might need to refer to in future–it’ll save you time later.  If you have too many papers and booklets to organize well, rely on a chronological system–one pile or folder where you just put the latest thing in front. If all else fails you can flip through and find “that orange thing I got in August.” There’s just going to be more than you can remember, so put yourself in a position to be able to look things up again later.

2) My second piece of advice for students is to buy your textbooks. Yes, they will seem outrageously expensive, and yes, you will meet other students who claim to have gotten away with not buying books for their classes and not suffering as a result. Buy them anyway. Keeping up with your assignments is way more important than a short-term cash savings. Think about how much your tuition costs–books are a drop in the bucket, and you can get part of your money back by selling the ones you don’t want to keep at the end of the term. Good resources are your college bookstore,, and Amazon. (If anyone has positive or negative recent experience with these or other bookstores, I’d love to hear about it–just click on the Comment link for this post.)

Enjoy the rest of the summer, everyone.

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