, another cool tool

Please forgive the pun, but Delicious is an acquired taste.

Delicious, at or, is a social bookmarking tool–and if you don’t already know what means and why you might be interested in using one, the term “social bookmarking” probably tells you exactly nothing, but social bookmarking means you can save, organize, and share your bookmarks.

Saving:  I’d heard people talking about social bookmarking for a couple of years before I started to understand why anyone would be interested in sharing bookmarks.  However, I found myself about a year and a half back having to do work on several different computers from one day to the next (like many college instructors and students).  I had tons of useful websites bookmarked in my Firefox and Internet Explorer folders at home, which didn’t do me any good when I wanted to show that Jon Stewart video in class. So I finally created an account at, and imported the bookmarks from my computers, which I could then find easily wherever I could log into my account.

Importing my bookmarks was easy, but what I have to admit was really time-consuming was going through them all to mark which ones I wanted to keep private and which could be public in my account.  That was a bit of a time-sink, so I recommend making all the bookmarks private by default, so you can return at your leisure to decide which ones you want to share with others.

Sharing: The part I find really cool about being able to share bookmarks is that I can go look at what other people are bookmarking. If there’s an author I really admire, like Clay Shirky, I can look to see if he has a account and public bookmarks…then I get to see what he’s reading and finding noteworthy. (And if you’re also dying to see what Clay Shirky is interested in, go to The sharing goes both ways, of course–if you want to see what I’ve tagged a “cool tool”, you can go to  You can add other Delicious users to your network, and then your friends, colleagues, or classmates can recommend web pages for you. I’m pretty sold on social bookmarking now, and often recommend it to friends and colleagues.

If you want to read a bit more you can find links to two good blog posts and a video about Delicious at, but trying it out yourself is what will really show you what it can do. I’m hoping that faculty, staff, and students at my institution, Franklin Pierce, will use it so we can more easily share resources and interests with each other.

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  1. This is great, Tracy. The library also maintains a modest list of links at

    We try to make it useful by tagging useful web sites with information such as course numbers (i.e.–this would be good for HS371), “PrimarySource” or “statistics” (what kind of info you’ll get there), and of course, the names of topics (e.g.–Civil War) or disciplines (e.g.–Marketing) that relate.

  2. Neat–I will definitely add fpclibrary to to my network.


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