Constitution Day videos on YouTube

This sounds pretty neat; the Fitzwater Center here at Franklin Pierce is sending students out with flip cams to get college community members’ thoughts on the US Constitution for Constitution Day, and will post them on the Fitzwater Center’s YouTube channel. (And here I must admit that I never even heard of a flip cam before–if like me you need to be brought up to speed, check out the New York Times article at .)

The Franklin Pierce University community will, along with millions of Americans, observe Constitution Day on Wednesday, September 17, 2008, by taking time to reflect on the meaning of those words that have shaped our nation.
While the framers of the Constitution took quill to parchment, we will engage in our conversation in a more contemporary medium.  The Fitzwater Center is sending students out with flipcams to record the campus community’s thoughts about the meaning of the Constitution of the United States, which will be reprinted in Wednesday’s edition of The Pierce Arrow.  In addition, faculty can borrow a flipcam for use in their classes[…]  Recordings will be posted to\wefoundourvoice, which is a Fitzwater Center channel.  We then encourage all of you to visit the site and use the comment feature to participate in an online conversation about what you see there.  And, we encourage you to think of this as the beginning of an extended conversation, not just a day out of your year.
The Fitzwater Center will post all recordings with regard for the terms of usage set by
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