Early Alerts

This might be of interest to parents as well as students: Early Alerts went out last Friday on the Rindge campus.  Instructors, especially of 100 and 200 level courses, are encouraged to post alerts for students who have missed class since the add/drop period, or whose work they are concerned about, and students and their academic advisors receive notice of the instructor’s concern.

So if you’re a parent and concerned about your son or daughter’s academics, a nice specific question you can ask right now is whether they received any early alerts, and which course(s).

The next thing for a student to do is to talk to the instructor; find out exactly why they got the alert, and if there might be any work they can do to catch up. At this point in the semester, there’s rarely an insoluble problem, almost every student still has a chance to succeed in their courses. Talking to the instructor not only helps students get the information they need to succeed, but also signals to the instructor interest and respect for academic venture.

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