I’ve been so busy meeting students in person I haven’t had a lot to write on the blog, but an event I’m particularly looking forward to here on campus is next Wednesday’s Teach-In, “Hate Under Our Skin.” They have this great flyer that I wish I could link to, because it has a lot of visual punch, but like many documents here at the College at Rindge it’s on the intranet only, and can’t be viewed outside the college community. Here’s the text of the announcement that went out about it, though:

Fall Teach- in

Hate Under our Skin

Wednesday, October 8

The community is invited to attend the fall teach-in, “Hate Under Our Skin.” The day-long event will feature workshops, discussions, “playback” theatre, and film screenings. The program will conclude with keynote speaker Jesse Epps, labor and civil rights activist, on the topic of student activism in the 1960’s and now. The teach-in is a collaborative effort of faculty, staff and students and will continue the “dialogue on hate” begun at last year’s teach-in through consideration of the power of stereotypes, the use of words, labels and “isms”, and the impact of the media. Schedules for the day will be available around campus and on e-Raven.

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