Are you registered to vote?

Here’s my rule for presidential politics–if you’re old enough to vote and don’t bother going to polls, you are not allowed to complain about the president for FOUR WHOLE YEARS.

Can you imagine going without complaining that long? Certainly not! Imagine what kind of shenanigans either candidate might get up to, and the lost opportunity for you personally to air your views to your friends, relatives, and strangers on the shuttle bus.

Click here to see what the deadline for voter registration is where you live:, then make sure you are ready and able to take this very important, very easy step to affect the world around you. (Remember, the president appoints Supreme Court Justices, so even if you’re apathetic about who’s in the White House, you’ve got to care about the highest court in the land. It could be you, someday, in the landmark case of Joe Student v. The World.)  If you don’t think you understand enough about politics to make a good decision, talk to someone whose opinion you respect and try to figure out with candidates are likely to support the things you believe in.

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