Happy Halloween! And spooky midterm alerts

Today on the Rindge campus midterm alerts are issued to students. Instructors will register a grade of S (satisfactory) or U (unsatisfactory), and students will receive an email from the Registrar’s office advising them of any U’s they’ve received.

If you are a student who receives a U in any course, speak to your instructor about it at the first opportunity. (Don’t raise your hand in the middle of class to demand an explanation, though; go to your instructor’s office hours, ask before or after class if you can speak to them, or send them an email asking if you can meet.) Even if you are sure you know why you received the alert, you should still meet with your instructor to tell them what you plan on doing to pass the course, and to find out if there’s any make-up or extra credit work you can still do. (Thanks to Terri Downing for the tip about meeting even if you “know” the problem.)

This can be a pretty tiring point in the semester for students–midterm exams and assignments abound, and often this is the point where you realize how much work you really have to do to get that grade you have your eye on. Remember, though, that there’s only 4 weeks of classes until Thanksgiving, and six weeks of classes total until exams begin on December 13th. Even if you are scrambling to make up for lost time and have to sprint all the way to the finish line, you can do it!

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