Study Tips for the Last Two Weeks of Classes

We have two weeks of classes left here on the Rindge campus of Franklin Pierce University. Here are five tips for preparing for exams:
1) Don’t wait until the day before the exam to study. Look at what you need to review between now and the exam and and do a little bit each day.
2) Make sure you know the format of the exam–will it be multiple choice, essay questions, or something else? Will you have to draw diagrams? Will it include material you’ve already been tested on? Look at the results of your previous work in the class. What did you do well on? What should you practice more? Use that information to prepare and practice for the test.
3) Form study groups with friends.
4) Go to peer tutor sessions for the class.
5) What do you still have questions about? Ask the professor in the last class session or during his or her office hours.

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