Quick study tip: Break it up!

What's your best time?

What's your best time?

Only three days left of classes here at Rindge, and the last day of finals is just a week from tomorrow on Wednesday, December 17th. 

Here is a study tip for students preparing for finals and completing final assignments: Break up your study time into manageable segments, an hour or less.  (For most people less than an hour is optimal.) Study or work for a while, then take a break, and then go back to work. 

You might think that you need to plan to spend all night cracking the books without out coming up for air, but that doesn’t work out for most students. If you plan to study hours at a time with no break, you’ll really only get a couple of  hours of work done. Figure out how long you can work without getting frustrated or inefficent–is it 20 minutes, 30, or 45? Then plan multiple segments of those 30 minute sesssions.

(Thanks to my car pool friends for suggesting this particular study tip.)

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