Grades January 9th? Also, College at Rindge open Friday 12/19…for 3-1/2 hours!

Well, power’s back on in Rindge and the campus is open this morning (Friday, December 19th).  Because of another storm, however, we’re going to close at 11:30!

The early closing of the school and cancellation of final exams has meant unprecedented complications for faculty calculating and submitting grades, and for the school administration in processing them and making available.  Right now the school is planning for semester grades to be available to students on CampusWeb by January 9th.   I suppose it’s possible there could be further snafus to keep grades from being available by the deadline, but I think it more like that grades will be available sooner than that target date of Jan. 9.  I’m sure that students and their parents are eager to learn how the semester panned in terms of grades. 

The staff at Academic Services extends our hopes that students and their families have a safe and happy December.  I hope that my students celebrating Hanukkah get to light candles by choice and tradition on Sunday, and not because they’re still without power!

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