College survival tip: 99% of older relatives love the idea of you cracking a book

Books aren't free

Books aren't free

Students, this is a good time of year to remind kindly grandparents and other relatives that you will be fulfilling their hopes (or giving the lie to their direst predictions) by going away to college in just six short weeks. Ask relatives for advice for about living on your own, and if they have experience with higher education, ask them if they have suggestions for success in college.
Okay, all that is important, but here comes the slightly sneaky part: Mention your concerns about the cost of textbooks. (In fact, you should be a little concerned. You can expect to spend hundreds of dollars on books and materials for courses.) You may find that you have a relative or two that would like to help you out with such a worthwhile expenditure.
Even if you don’t get help (or don’t need or want assistance) this semester, keep it mind when a holiday or birthday comes around. Maybe some Amazon gift cards so you can order used books online?

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