Writers write: 750 Words

750 Words Site750 Words is a neat and simple website to help writers (including profs and students) to make daily progress on their writing projects. This is from a Chronicle article, Writer’s Boot Camp:

Here at ProfHacker, we have written many posts detailing ways we can make the writing process smoother, faster, easier. Or doable. We strive to make writing doable. And we share our ideas. Writing hints that work for me might work for you. Your hints to produce usable writing might help others, and we hope you’ll share those hints. Some hints are simple; others are more difficult. But we share, nonetheless. The “butt in chair” method of producing written text, a hint that is shared by many, is probably the best way to accomplish a writing goal. Just do it. Today, however, we offer a different tool that might help you produce words.

Andrew Mara (Twitter’s @docmara) at North Dakota State University alerted me to 750words.com, a website that provides space for writing. But unlike an average word processor, what most of use in writing, 750words.com is very simple. It doesn’t provide textual manipulation tools (bolding, italicizing, etc.), as those tools can be distracting. The free online site encourages you to write, to produce 750 words of text a day. It does this by counting your words as you type and by providing small incentives to keep you going. It’s a very simple, but brilliant, idea.

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