Commencement 2010: unified and green

The Franklin Pierce Admissions blog has a post about the more eco-friendly gowns students will be wearing; this seems like a good move.  I and my colleagues in the Center for Excellence, however, will be wearing our old-school Harry Potter-style  cloth academic gowns.

Graduation is almost here!
Things are starting to wind down on the Rindge campus as students start gearing up for finals, and seniors start preparing for graduation. Commencement ceremonies will take place on May 15th. This year, students are “going green” for graduation by wearing recyclable and biodegradable graduation growns.

I hear rumors that there will also be a place on campus on move-out day for students to donate reusable items instead of throwing them in the dumpsters.

One of the things I particularly enjoy about commencement is that it brings students and faculty from all the Franklin Pierce campuses together: graduate, undergraduate, Concord, Lebanon, Manchester, online, Portsmouth, and Rindge, as well as students who began their studies at our closed Keene center graduating also.  It is a grand event where we celebrate our students’ achievements as one university.

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