GPS–Your map to success

We have an exciting new program at the Center for Academic Excellence. Our esteemed leader Terri Downing has posted about it on Schoogle’s new Guided Peer Study page:

This summer the Center for Academic Excellence will be piloting a brand new program called the Guided Peer Study Program.  Our aim is to offer support, encourage excellence, and provide undergraduate students with study tips and assistance in their specific subject areas.

We will be offering academic support via

  • live chat on Facebook (GuidedPeerStudy),
  • Skype (screen name Guided Peer Study  or gps.fpu)
  • AIM (screen name of GPSxFPU)
  • in-person meetings in the Center for Academic Excellence, located in the DiPietro Library on the Rindge campus.

 The current hours for support are Monday – Thursday from 11:30am – 2:00pm EDT and Tuesday evenings from 6-8pm EDT

The program offers general writing assistance for undergraduate courses offered at Franklin Pierce University as well as specific content support for the following courses:

  • IC 105, 106 – College Writing I & II
  • IC 110, 111 – Integrated Science I & II
  • IC 201 – Foundations of Math
  • IC 210 – American Experience
  • IC 212 – Challenge of Business in Society
  • IC 260 – Twentieth Century
  • IC 305 – Science of Society
  • IC 360 – Reason and Romanticism
  • CIT 140 – Electronic Spreadsheets
  • EN 115 – Banned Books

Please visit us our Guided Peer Study page on Facebook to find out more: or contact the Center for Academic Excellence – or by phone 603-899-4107

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