Free voicemail, call forwarding, and phone number in your choice of area code: Google Voice

Image of 1930's telephone switchboard

by Save vs Death on Flickr

Ryan Cordell at ProfHacker has a post about Google Voice.  I’ve been using it since winter and really recommend it.  I use it mostly for texting–you can send free texts from your computer.  Unlike Skype, you can have reply texts automatically forwarded to your cell phone.

Two weeks ago Google announced that users with .edu email addresses will now get priority access to Google Voice. Educational users still must request an invitation to the service’s closed beta, but Google promises that .edu users will receive their invitations within 24 hours of requesting them (rather than the indeterminate time that other users must wait). Though this promotion is aimed primarily at students, it’s also very good news for most readers of ProfHacker.

Check it out–it doesn’t take long to set up, and with the screening, forwarding, and email features you may end up with more telephonic freedom than you thought you could have!

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