How to forward your school email to a personal email account

Want to read your school email somewhere other than the school’s web site? Easy-peasy. Here’s how to create an Outlook rule.

Click on Rules

Go to the school’s email site; at Franklin Pierce it’s Outlook Web Access at Use Internet Explorer. The feature you want will hide from Firefox and some other browsers.

1. Log in and then click Rules in the sidebar.

2. Click the New Rule button.

3. Fill in whatever you like for Rule Name, skip the Where condition boxes, then click the Forward It To radio button. Fill in the personal email address you want to forward to.

4. If you get warning dialog boxes, you probably want to click Okay. (Yes, it’s okay if this deletes previous Outlook rules, and it’s okay if this is applied to every email you receive.)

5. Then send yourself an email at your school email address to test the rule. You should receive a forwarded copy at your personal email address.

6. Enjoy receiving your email through an interface you’re comfortable with. Here are two things to be careful of:  a) If you click Reply in your personal email you’ll just be sending email back to yourself unless you specify the right address. b) To send email to faculty or staff at the school you should go back to that school interface you just escaped.  Folks at your school won’t know they’re getting legit email from a student if it comes from, nor will they want to respond to it. It’s likely to get caught in a spam filter before they ever see it, anyway.

Enjoy your freedom! Tell us if forwarding works well for you by commenting on this post. If you have further advice or a better solution, please share that too.

Click on New

Name it, skip the Where, choose Forward, fill in email address, save and close

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