Being a college student does not have to be a 24/7 job

Happy go lucky college student

This link,, offers advice on how to survive college while still having a life. Between attending class and doing homework for class it sometimes seems like there is no “me” time or a time to hang out and enjoy what you love to do the most. This blog post written by a college student (so you know he isn’t fooling you!) voices his opinion on how to maintain your two different lives: your student life (class.homework.class.repeat) and your fun self (the self that gets to read a book for fun or go sailing).

 Because college has no defined work/not work boundaries, it is incredibly easy to just work all the time and completely lose any ability to do things that are not assigned to you. This isn’t healthy. Side projects and hobbies (for example, this site) are the sorts of things that not only get you noticed from a pack of job applicants post-graduation, but which make you a non-boring, fully-functional human being.

 This list might make you realize just how much you missed “me” time and how little you get if you don’t prioritize!


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