Group editing just got easier

Group projects can be a pain when you have to edit a collaborative essay etc. With Redliner students can upload any document and edit a document together. The changes will automatically appear to the next person who reads the document.

        “Eliminate the frustrations of change tracking and version control within critical documents such as contracts, press releases, ad copy, and other group editing projects.”

Take advantage of this tool to eliminate group editing frustration.



How to focus with a Mac

Distractions often occur when students are trying to write a paper. There is Facebook, e-mail, or ESPN online. Either way, distractions can be annoying and stop and hinder the writing process. Students who have Mac should give WriteRooma try. This download tak

Write Room

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es up the entire screen to prohibit distractions. Students will be forced to focus on the task at hand.

For Mac & iPhone users to write without distractions. WriteRoom is a full screen writing environment. Unlike the cluttered word processors you’re used to, WriteRoom lets you focus on writing.”


It’s a shame that this is only available for Mac users, but for those who do have Macs this program might be the solution.


You mean, that doe’snt go…: go here;?

Not everyone is a whiz at punctuation and grammar. Thankfully there is Blue Book which offers rules and examples of what types of punctuation goes where. There are even free online quizzes to test your knowledge.

Rule 1. To avoid confusion, use commas to separate words and word groups with a series of three or more. Example: My $10 million estate is to be split among my husband, daughter, son, and nephew. Omitting the comma after son would indicate that the son and nephew would have to split one-third of the estate.”

Use this site to improve your punctuation and grammar or to double-check something for an essay or assignment.


Blue Book: of Grammar and Punctuation

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Opposing Views

For students who have to write an essay using an opposing view or have to do a debate with the class will find Opposing Views useful. The site offers various views on a number of issues.

Opposing Views helps you uncover all sides of the issues you care about most. Here at, experts go head-to-head on real-life concerns, debating news and events, addressing the questions that keep you up at night. We introduce the questions, the experts present their cases (and disagree with each other), and you leave ready to make well-informed decisions and take action.”

The website offers interesting points of views and will make you think critically about the issue at hand. Great place to start for essays!


Ahem… Where’s my introduction?

Writing an introduction to an essay can be the most difficult part of the writing process. Fear not though! University Blog has written this post to help even the most down trodden students write an introduction.


“A good introduction should pull the reader straight in and make them want to read more. Also, learning how to write a good introduction can be very helpful in overcoming “starting anxiety,” one of the major causes of writer’s block.”


Students should really consider bookmarking this page to refer to over and over again.


No more selling your first born to the bookstore for a textbook!

BookFinder lets you compare prices on new and used books from various sellers.

“ can find you the cheapest new and used textbooks by simultaneously searching for your textbooks on all of the top textbook websites.”

BookFinder lets you compare prices easily and see what the best deal is whether it be for a textbook or book.



Taking the GREs? Have an interview? Want to add some new vocabulary words to your repertoire? Vocab Sushi is an easy and fun way to build your vocabulary.

VocabSushi provides thousands of sentences that demonstrate any vocab word’s contemporary usage in news articles. Compared to the brute force method of flashcard definitions, a deeper understanding of the word can be attained simply by reading several interesting sentences that contain that word.”


Challenge yourself to learn a new word everyday!


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The dog ate your homework excuse doesn’t work anymore

Having a difficult time managing homework? Can’t seem to fit it into your busy schedule? The solution to questions like these can be found with the program Gradefix which generates a homework schedule for you.


 “GradeFix is the world’s most advanced homework planner. You enter how much time you have and what you need to do and GradeFix will automatically optimize your homework schedule.”


Keeping to a schedule like this could help to boost grades and allow for more free-time.


Audio learners will enjoy this one

Librivox provides free audiobooks that have been read by volunteers. If you retain information better by listening to someone talk than this might be the solution for book assignments.

“LibriVox volunteers record chapters of books in the public domain and release the audio files back onto the net. Our goal is to make all public domain books available as free audio books.”

 Instead of buying the book and reading it this could prove to be a more effective way of retaining the information of Frankenstein.


Deleting your Face (book)

Facebook icon

Life without Facebook is almost impossible to imagine. Our days revolve around checking friends’ statuses, looking at friends’ vacations pictures and secretly being jealous, and changing our own profile picture to that one that makes us look 10 pounds skinnier than we actually are. This post from Huffington Post is from one father whose son took a vacation from Facebook; to his surprise he ended up getting more work done and had more face-to-face contact with his friends. Read this interesting (for some this may be a horror story) account of taking a vacation from Facebook. Here is the link:
Taking a break from Facebook might be a smart choice especially if you find yourself becoming too distracted by the networking site.