Hopes and Concerns: Class of 2012

We asked each new student at the Rindge campus of Franklin Pierce to write down a hope they have for their academic life here, and a concern. Here are the aggregate hopes and dreams of the class of 2012:

My concerns are getting behind on school work.
Concerns… I may not do as well in class as I’d like due to missing class because of an away game.
Grades get to low and I lose my scholarship
Making the hockey team
I am worried I will not get into all of the classes I want to
I’m concerned about getting unhealthy
I am concerned I will have too many tests to study for.
Am concerned about where to find the classes
Concern: Adjusting to college workload
Not passing
I am concerned I will not get good grades
Boring teachers
Falling behind. Not liking my classes. Getting too involved. Not leaving enough time for work.
I am concerned that I might get too distracted and possibly get on academic probation
I’m concerned that I will get lost on my way to class
I’m concerned I won’t study
Won’t make hockey team
Not getting a 3.5-3.8. That would suck.
I’m mainly concerned about the amount of work I will receive,. I can study to a minor point, but reading ten, twenty, thirty pages a night would be easier than doing worksheets, or questions.
Privacy. Workload.
Falling behind
Getting to every class, not losing track of time
Job. Connections with people.
Stay on track
Nothing at all
Having fun
Have kids
Not passing my classes
I’m concerned about having too much homework. I’m concerned about my study habits.
My concerns are that I will have trouble with the college life and not be able to balance the work load.
Concerns: Writing essays, not doing well, test anxiety, and not having enough time.
I’m not really concerned
I am fearful that I will not meet the demands of my professors and will fail to succeed in the pursuit of my dreams.
I’m concerned about my studying
Sorry, no concers
That I’ll have to take a writing class and not get any credits
My only concern is not suceeding in doing as well as I want to in my classes.
Good Teachers
That I won’t make Baseball, and will become unhealthy
My concerns are toughness of workload
None 🙂
About not passing this year
Not so many test.
I hope to not fall behind in school work and not have a hard time planning events like study time
Concerns: Not getting along with roommate. Grades.
My only concerns is how tough the math courses will be my sophomore year.
Main concern is fixing my schedule to fit classes with baseball. My family and girlfriend at home.
I am concerned about not doing well.
Work load
How my first class is going to go
Concerns: will all my professors know me personally
I’m concerned that I will struggle with time management and I won’t use my time wisely.
The work may be too hard.
Concern: get used to the college experience
My concern is that I work or go to school and very social so it might be a distraction.
Concerns: internal possession law
I am concerned I am taking to many classes
Passing all my classes
Concern to not do good in school. Concern to not do good in golf.
I’m concerned about having no free time and not making good grades
No enough time
Concerns: Not passing. Debt—money.
Concerns: Meeting people. Internet. Class work/scheduling.
My concerns are; not having friends, failing, not fitting in, and not living our college
I’m concerned about being able to manage my time and keep up with the workload.
Falling into a dangerous situation. Loosing my boyfriend.
I might not like some of my professors. I might not like my major.
I am concerned that I won’t be able to meet expectation, and that I won’t be able to handle my new responsibilities.
I’m concerned about gaining the freshman 15
My concerns are that I hope I don’t have to much work to do at the same time.
My concerns for this year is that I won’t succeed.
Not to fail 1st semester
Concerns: Not measuring up to family expectations. Having too much fun and forgetting the important things.
That I will not get the grades that I am trying to achieve.
Managing time (sports school, socially). Taking the right classes. How will I measure up to other kids.
I’m FRIGHTENED that I will be super-fat.
I am concerned about fitting in, succeeding, and making lasting friends.
I am concerned I am going to forget to do something important.
Concerns: If I will be able to keep up with my work.
[Illegible, might be] I don’t understand everything and to don’t be integrate to the other students
Concerns: Professors. Work-school. Overwhelmings. Making friends.
Concern: Being able to handle the work load and sports
Concerns: getting in trouble
Not managing my time well enough
My time management
I’m concerned about making it to my classes on time
Concerned about the workload from my courses. Meeting people.
That I won’t do well in class. That I will be overwhelmed.
I am worried that I will get distracted and not be able to balance all the new things.
Getting raped.
Concerned that I will get distracted
Bad grades
Time management, failure, stress
My concerns is im easily distracting
Not reading my hopes
No concerns
To make more friends
Getting good grades. Work loads.
I’m concerned my grades may not reflect the amount of effort I put in
Concerned about doing good
Why doesn’t my internet work?
That I’ll get too many papers. Or I’ll lose an assignment.
I am worried that I might get over loaded with my classes and not do well.
Short due dates. Long essays. Finals.
Getting swamped with work.
I’m afraid I won’t get a 3.6 GPA.
Not meeting my goals, failure
Keeping my grades up while I double major
I’m concerned that I will struggle in a class
Adjusting to the new school. Dealing with sports and school.
Failure and boredom
Getting adjusted and making new friends
I’m concerned about the Freshman 15 and our men’s soccer team because we lost yesterday.
My only concern is getting used to neighbors and stuff.
Not being able to keep up with grades
Making friends and fitting in.
I think working hard is the only way to achieve what you want and have a proper pay off in the end.
I worry that teachers will refuse to answer questions about an assignment.
I am worried that I have way to much on my plate… 17 credits, I’m on a sports team… It’s going to be crazy
The workload

Hope to do well and enjoy my classes
Get A’s
Pass all classes. Still have free time.
Good grades
Success, a good fit, right major, good grades, social prowess
I hope to get good grades
Hope to get all A’s and B’s
I hope to do well this year in my classes and maybe join the Pierce Arrow newspaper
Doing well and making more friends
Get good grades, make friends, get to know professor
1. Good Grades
Hope to get all my classes on time and Enjoy them
Do well in my classes. Meet a lot of girls.
Hope to get a g.p.a. of 3.5 or higher and grow/advance in lacross
To do good in all my classes.
I hope to be in the top 5% of my class.
I want to apply myself more and achieve my goals
For this semester I’m hoping to excel in the class that I have chosen and to get to know my teachers so they can also help
To find a roommate who actually is in the room
*not drop out or fail any classes *be a starter on softball
I hope to pass all my classes with at least a B-
Doing well. Becoming friends with most of my classmates.
To be successful and have the best experience possible.
I hope to do good
I hope I get a 3.6 gpa
Hope I Graduate with a Double major
To reach my potential in the classroom. To excel in baseball
To become more organized
I hope to get above a 3.0 GPA
Hope: I hope that I full understand everything and get a 3.2 GPA
I hope for a 3.0 GPA
I hope that I will pass 🙂
I hope I get good grades
To the best I can
Make friend. Past 1st semester.
To get A’s
Good grades.
Hope… To do well/pass all classes.
Get good grades, and have fun.
To achieve good grades and have a successful year.
Pass—good grades. Have fun.
To strive academically. To make new friends. To learn new things. To play a sport.
To get good grades, and make some new friends
I hope to maintain a B B+ Average for the semester.
Good grades. Connections with teachers.
Getting a 3.5-3.8– that would be awesome 🙂
Meet new people and friends. Have fun. Learn Interesting new things
Hope: to make lots of new friends and get good grades
Hope to succeed
I hope to make life-long friends
To do well and get good grades
I hope to pass all my classes. I hope to meet new people.
That Fpu will one day have a track team so I don’t have to transfer
A great college experience. Learning lots of new things. Group discussions.
I hope to succeed as much as possible in my college career
Join clubs. Meet friends. Excell academically.
3.8 GPA. Enjoy some of the classes.
Good Grades
I hope I make the baseball team, and I really want to stay on top of my work and create a better study habit, and do well in classes.
Have kids
I hope that I’ll make new friends
Good grades
Get 4.0. Become a more proficient and creative writer. Get smart.
I want to improve my english and to learn a new way of living. I want to learn more about biology and Spanish.
I hope to maintain a 3.00 GPA. I hope I don’t fail any tests.
I hope to make great friends and start off with good grades.
Hope to graduate and be successful
I hope that I pass all my classes
I hope to do well in all my classes
Hopes: meet many people
Make la X team
Hopes: Maintain at least a 3.6 gpa. Balance crew, school, and social life
I hope that I receive challenging courses, but at the same time, I hope for a comfortable learning environment, free of stress or over-working
I hope to have a successful year and manage baseball and classes well. My roommates are still as cool later on.
That I do well, and make good friends.
I hope I succeed and enjoy all of my classes
Dominating my classes, liking my professors, keeping up, remaining active in the classroom
I do well
Top in my class. Manage time well.
Hope: to study hart and do the best I can while playing sports
Hopes: I hope to maintain my grades and be able to juggle playing a sport and my studies. I hope that I can have a relationship with my professors where I feel comfortable enough to stress any concerns.
My hopes for this year is to do well in school and to get enough money to come back next year.
That I will be able to grow as a student.
That I makes honors and finally live up to my (I hope) potential!
Hopes: To learn a lot, make new friends and be confident with what I am doing and who I am.
To do very well and like all my classes. I want to be an A or B student.
I hope to achieve some level of academic success and have a better idea of what I want to do with my major.
Hopes: Keep up with work, manage time, don’t be academically lazy
I hope to keep up the work and be able to keep good grades
I hope that I will understand what is going on in my classes
I hope that I will get good grades and keep my gpa up and get through college
My hopes are to pass, make friends, have fun, and live [illegible] college.
At least 30 gpa. Plenty of activities.
I hope I’ll fit in
I hope that I make the best of my classes and test my limits inside and outside the classroom.
I hope I do well in all my classes and get a good GPA. I hope I like my proffessors.
I hope to be inspired creatively and intellectually by my professors and peers in such a way that will cultivate a successful and meaningful school year.
I hope to know what career I want, whether it be within my current major or not.
I hope that I will pass.
Hopes: Make Friends. Good Grades.
I would like to excel in my academic field
I hope I get awesome grades
My hopes for this semester are to get good grades and meet a lot of nice people.
I hope I make long lasting friends and calm dow some
I hope I feel satisfied in the classroom
Hopes: Get good grades and make the Deans list. Further my education in marketing. Graduate with a degree.
I hope I can find my niche here, and meet (or even succeed) the standard that’s been placed for me as a freshman.
Doing well in class
Make good friends
Hopes: Succeed in all my classes. Have fun. Meet lots of new people. Try new things. Graduate eventually. Play golf.
I hope to do well in all of my classes, and to have success out of the classroom.
Meet people that support my personality and not change it. Doing good in the community. Becoming independent and responsible.
Hopes: Meet friends, pass, learn
I hope for above a 2.5 GPA
Good grades. To become a better individual.
I hope to handle the workload, to manage my time effectively. Also to learn new things and have interesting fun and hands-on classes.
Hope to play a lot of golf. Hope to do successful in school.
I hope to make a good group of friends and study hard to get good grades.
I hope for nothing. My life is wasted, I know I’m going to hell.
I hope to experience a new type of education and broaden my intellectual knowledge.
I hope to get at least a 3.2 GPA. I hope to have interesting classes and get along with my profs.
Hope—to get good grades in all of my courses.

I hope to be able to manage all of my classes and excel in each of them.
Have a good attitude about every aspect of college. Meet new people and don’t judge them.
I hope that I do well on my own. Living as well as academically
All of my life, people have told me I have “potential.” Potential seems to be all I have, as if I have never completed anything, I hope to finally complete something, to finally simply achieve that “potential”.
I hope to make the deans list both semesters, as well as making the travelling varsity golf team.
This year I hope to maintain a consistant average in all of my classes, that are average to above average. And just to succeed
That I get better grades than I ever have had and my family is proud and everything works out perfect!
I hope to be organized and have a good relationship with students and professor
I hope to get good grades, straight A’s. While being involved in sports.
Hope: to graduate
I hope to do well academiclly and athleticlly, also to meet new friends and have fun.
I hope that I can meet new friends, and better my education
To make the deans list.
I hope to do well in my classes
Being able to go to teachers with any questions or concerns!
To find what I want to do with my life
This semester I hope to do well, get comfortable, and have fun.
Get good grades
1. Be more confident in my academic ability. 2. Stay focused. 3. Improve my writing skills.
I hope I like and understand my classes.
This yea I hope that I can manage my time more efficiently, and be a better student in school
I hope That the Path I’ve chosen is the one for me. I Hope That my experience at FPU Leads me in the Right Direction.
Get good enough grades
To get A’s man
I hope I will strive in the class room and get good grades.
Staying above the required average to play sports.
I hope to choose a career and begin working towards it.
I hope to keep up my grades without getting too distracted by sports, etc.
Maintaining 3.4 GPA
I hope that I can get my act together and prove to my parents that I can get good grades.
I hope to stay up to par with my classes and at least be able to mange the student athlete life
Make the Deans list. Be an academic success. To further increase my balancing skills.
I hope that I don’t stress to much about the school year and being away from home.
I hope to graduate with a degree as a student athlete
To become more comfortable with new styles of learning
I hope to keep a 3.0 GPA. HooaH
Hopes: I hope to learn my way around campus and meet different types of people
I hope to take the learning opportunity at FPU and use it to my best advantage.
I hope that I will do really well in all of my classes. I would like to make the deans list this year.
My hope is to excel in all my classes and see if I chose the right major.
I hope that there will be fun things to do and be involved in on campus and that there are interactive fun things to do in classes.
I hope to make music. I hop to learn the Japanese Hiragana/Katakana alphabet. I hope to get decent grades. I hope to lose 10 pounds.
To go to every single one of my classes. To do well on all my tests.
I hope that I will succeed at whatever I do
I hope I’ll be able to juggle assignments, work, and friends efficiently.
I hope that’ll I be able to keep up a good GPA and keep up with my work.
Make friends. Make hockey team. Graduate successfully.
I hope to get good grades, no failing grades.
My hope is to preform well academically
I want to break out of my shell and prove to myself and everyone else that I can be successful when I’m in the right place for myself.
I hope to get good grades
Get my degree. Get a great job right out of college.
Maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher. Keep my scholarships throughout the four years. Be the number one folfer in the NE10.
I develop good study skills and habits so I can succeed in stydying my courses I wish to follow
Hopes: I hope that will get really good grades. I will work my hardest at everything I do. I want to do it for myself, and to make my parents proud.
Meeting alot of people. Doing well.
I plan to get the necessary grades to move on and be eligible for baseball.
I hope to have a successful school year.
Hope: that I keep up with my work
Hopes: To get good grades. Have fun. Learn about something I’m passonit about.
I hope that I’m going to be able to handle the work and get good grades. I hope I can mange living without my parents.
This semester I hope to achieve all my goals with glowing success.
Hope: I hope the work load isn’t to much for me to handle.
I hope that I get good grades and really push my self to academically succed. I also wanna have fun.
Life long friend
I hope to pass all my class and do well in Basketball
Get good grades. Meet a lot of cool people. Hook up with girls.
I hope… I don’t get a disease from the residence hall.
Pass Math
Hope: *Not dropping *Not failing out *Having enough Free time
I want to receive good grades and be one of the higher ranked students in my Sports and Rec major.
Have good professors that are helpful and care about their students
To be in the top 10 of my class
Graduate w/honors. Be successful and ready for a job when I graduate. To have the best experience all around….. socially and academically. To not live in sawmills or pierce village!
To continue on with a 2.0 or above for my GPA.
I hope to maintain and possibly exceed, a 3.0 gpa, and develop sound study habits to carry with me for the duration of my college tenure.
Graduate on time
I hope that I do well in my classes and make some life long friends
Make friends. Do good in Bio. And Calc!!
I hope to get good grades, in all my classes. I hope to adjust to the classes, the workloads, homework, and new study habits.
I hope to maintain the highest possible GPA that I can. I hope to make a positive difference in the lives of others.
Good grades and good professors
To pass with all A’s and fit in to the academic community.
My hopes are to achieve the grades I need in order to become a part of the PT grad program.
Good grades
I do well, learn the material.
I hope to have a lot of fun this year. I hope to do well in school and Lacrosse.
I hope to stay consistant through out my whole first semester
I hope to get good grades and do well
Figure out a major
I hope that I would be able to keep up with all my work and have fun at the same time.
To make the deans list.
Making new friends
Get to be good friends with a group of people
I hope to maintain a 3.0 GPA for the first semester
Keep grades up. Test well.
To finish the semester with 3.0 or higher average.
The hopes I have for this semester is to get to know and make friends with my classmates and academically to do as best as I can in my classes.
Hope to establish a good start in order to be successful in the future.
Peer Group taking up less time
I hope for great grades.
To pass all my classes
Makes tons of friend. Figure out what I want to do after college.
I hope to succeed
Hopes: Make very good friends that as a group we can support each other. Goal: To create a great college experience that I will never regret.
To do well, and get acclimated
I hope that I joun a lot of activities and keep busy
Get a gpa of 3.0 or more
Get to know my teachers. Get good grades.
Good grades. Meet new people. Enjoy college.
I hope that I do well in my classes
I have a goal to get known with another cultures. I havea goal to become a financial.
Hope to do well enough to earn scholarships next year.
I hope I like FP
I hope I will have outgoing teachers, and interactive classes. And of course, a good balanced schedule.
I hope to become more proficient in french.
Get good grades
Hope… To challenge myself academically, getting everything out of my time here at FPU while still balancing athletics and making quality, lifelong friends.
I will enjoy my classes and do well in them.
Making good friends (especially w/roommate). Getting active w/ exericise.
Hopes: 1. Maintain a high enough GPA to win scholarships 2. Become Class president 3. make great friends
Hope: I hope that I learn a lot and have a lot fo fun and stay out of trouble.
I hope to do well in college.
I hope that I learn interesting things
To make great friends and do well in my classes.
I hope to have fun in my classes and get good grades.
Easy courses. Not a whole lot of work.
Hopes: Maintain a nice GPA. Do well in Hockey. Have fun. Meet alot of potential friends.
I hope to obtain an excellent GPA and maintain it.
I hope I do good academically
Pass and Not fail courses.
I hope to join clubs and groups. I want to be apart of things. I also hope to stay true to myself throughout my 4 hears here at FPU. I want to be apart of things. I also hope to stay true to myself through my 5 years here at FPU. I want to accomplish so much and I want to be the best I can be. I want to connect with everyone that I meet. Everything good is what I hope for.
To be the best A+ at everything I do, touch, or even think
To pass
Get into more activities and community things. Be more involved with my school. Don’t completely fail at college. Enjoy and experience new things and cultures.
I will be considered so amazingly intellectually superior that I will be given a job as a professor, because I am just so gosh darn smart
Hopes: I am hoping to successfully maintain positive study habits and achieve my highest grades possible. My goal is to have an 85+ average.
Hopes: I hope to put my best effort into every class and do well. I hope to make life long friends and relationships. I hope to accomplish all of my hopes.
Pass every class. Manage my time well. Don’t rush through things. Gain more self confidence in classroom setting.
I hope that I can get most or all of my gen eds done this first semester or year.
I hope to make many lifelong freinds.
Making great friends, having good times.
I hope that I don’t loose sight of my end goal. I hope that I make friends. The girl next to me is hot I hope she talks to me. LoL.
I hope that my professors are enthusiastic. Also– new desks would be lovely.
My goal is to try hard and put in my best effort.
Hope to pass and make a lot of Friends. Not get in trouble.
HOPE: that I will make friends and succeed
Goals: Make new friends, pass all classes, complete all 4 years, get a job I love, have fun
I hope that I flourish academically and socially
Hopes: getting good grades, having fun, staying out of trouble
Hopes: I hope that I achieve success in all my classes
I hope that I can get a good job with experience that I get from here
To not fail classes
I hope that I don’t get a bad teacher or one who is only teaching because they get grant money to be here.
Good Grades

Concern of making new friends
Concerns: I am concerned that I will not manage my time well enough and do poorly in classes
Not manage my time well, failing a class, craming
How hard the classes will be… if I’ll fail and not staying true to myself. Getting lost or not understanding something. My past haunting me!
My concerns ar that I won’t get good grades and the amount of work ill have.
Concerns: I’m concerned I’ll do bad in some classes. I’m also concerned I won’t get along with prof.
I’m concerned I will not do work sometimes and I’ll get a terrible GPA/fall some tests
Too hard of a workload.
How academically hard is college?
Concern: the workload
I hope there is little homework upon which to be graded.
I wonder how do I join/learn about or start a club
Getting good enough grades to pass
Money. Classes. People. Grades.
Don’t worry, Be happy. Life is good. No concerns.
Getting everything done on time
Doing bad
How much more difficult is college than High school?
I am concerned that I will be overwhelmed by my work schedule
I worry that the classes will be too challenging and I’ll fail.
Where do I sign up for extra curricular activities
1. Concerned ill have awkward situations with attachment issues. 2. concerned I don’t know how to study. 3. I don’t know how to balance work/play.
My concern is how my teachers are going to teach and how the classes are.
That I wont do as well as I need with my grades and I will try hard yet find out in the end it got me nowhere.
Concern: Not having enough time.
Where is there more information about intramurals?
Concerns: That I will not balance academics and my social life
About not getting the appropriate grades to succeed in school and the baseball field.
I am nervous about the workload a little bit.
Concerns: I don not enjoy missing classes, however, due to athletics it is inevitable. I am concerned as to how I will be able to keep up. I am worried that the profs may not be accomadating or that I will not be able to obtain quality notes whole absent.
I am concerned that I may recede back to my previous academic pattern of procrastination and laziness, and maybe lose my scholarship.
Not failing any classes
Concerns: Doing well in my classes, studying enough, having fun, likeing the school advisor
I am not sure if criminal justice is right for me.
I am concerned about being overwhelmed.
I’m scared I’ll get bad grades.
Getting work done on time and not procrastinating
CONSERN: That I will not be able to balance classes
Not passing certain classes, being “that kid” on campus
I will do badly in my school work and dislike my classes
Concerns: None
Concerns… That I won’t be able to balance my athletics and academics. That I won’t every feel completely at home at FPU.
Concern: I hope I stay out of trouble. I hope I don’t hate the small-school thing.
Not fitting in, Not doing well academically. Having family issues and being far away.
Getting sidetracked, not going to class or studying for exams.
Concerns: passing all classes, not fitting in, not being able to dual major
I do not over think many things so what ever happens, happens. I hope everything goes well.
Fears: failing, getting in trouble
No privacy
To keep up with my grades while being commited to varsity tennis.
That I might doubt myself in everything I do to achieve my goal.
I am concerned that I won’t meet enough kids
Concerns: *Dropping out *Not failing out *Classes *Bio *Chem.
To fail by not trying
Im concerned the work will be hard and that my partying will effect my work ethic
That people will get into small groups of friends and everyone never meets everyone else.
I hope that through my education be prepared for my job/life.
I’m afraid of falling behind and never catching up. I’m afraid of my writing abilities…
Getting use to living on my own, time management
Something Bad.
My concern is not being able to study well enough for test/quizes
Not being able to handle course load
Grades. Making friends.
To Fail Man
I want my class schedule and a work study job to not interfere with Baseball. And still be able to have time to study after.
I’m concerned that I won’t be able to keep up with my reading.
Conserns: My main concern is getting good grades. Another concern is being bar away from someone very close to me. Living with another person I might not get along with.
My concern is that I won’t make it
I’m concerned about he workload, and amount of time we’ll have to complete assignments. Adjusting from high school work to college work.
My concerns are that college class work will not be as easy to assimilate into as high school was.
Not achieving any sort of success and living in Sawmills or Pierce Village
I am concerned that college isn’t for me and I won’t do well
Doing bad in classes
Not doing well
I’m not concerned with much, just hope to get good professors.
Concern: that I won’t graduate.
I am concerned about the course load, as well as my course composition for the year
Nothing above a C-
My concern is I won’t be able to handle the amount of work given.
Being able to get good marks and pick a future profession.
A concern I have about this semester is that the workload will be extremely large and different from the past.
Handling the work load
I’m concerned that the transition from high school to college will not be easy.
Im concerned that the transition from high school to college will not be easy.
I am concerned that I will be overloaded with work. I am very afraid of failing my classes and being stressed.
Failing Math
I’m worried I’ll be too shy to do well in discussion classes.
I won’t do well or can’t handle it.
Not adapting well enough to the classes
I’m concerned that I would fall into my high school ways again. What is the highest percentage of freshman that graduated.
I’m concerned about not being able to make it in the college life.
Concerns: that I won’t find my way around campus or keep up my academics and sports
I’m concerned that i will lose my sense of responsibility and fall behind
I don’t really have any concerns.
I’m concerned about not focusing 100% on school work.
I hope to get high grades
I would like to know ho often we will have exams. I would like to know if I can major in Finance in Freshman year. I want to know can I live on campus at winter, christmas holidays.
Not being prepared, failing in classes
Time mangement and organization
I hope I don’t get lazy with school work.
I’m concerned that I will get lazy with my grades
Not passing all my classes
If people will like me… Do I have to pretend
Getting stressed out with work.
The kinds of friends I make, keeping up with classes
My worries are bad grades
To much lecture
Time management
Waking up after the Patriots play
I am concerned about being able to manage my time wisely
Will the courses I’ve chosen help me get into my goal carrer
I’m concerned that I won’t get an on campus job
1. Not getting classes I want 2. Not being able to decide on a major 3. Balancing academics w/ extra curricular and managing my anxiety
Not having enough time to study between sports and classes
Getting off to a bad start, making it more difficult to be successful in the future.
Geting lost
The only concerns I have is that I will be overwhelmed with work for my classes.
Bad grades
Balancing work and study
I have to many classes this semester
How do I get my schedule
Time management, balance.
Concerned about staying motivated to work and study hard
Not to fail
My concerns are that I may not be able to time manage well enough
Not being able to keep up with school work
That I won’t have enough time for school work, while playing baseball.
I’ll have trouble keeping up with the work for my classes.
I’m concerned that I won’t make many friends
The school work and adjusting to college live
I am conserned about the classes being overwhelming
My concerns are that I fail out of school
My concern is that the work is going to be much harder.
My concerns are if I don’t do well or if I choose the wrong classes.
Not do well, not able to test well in stuff I knowl
Being on my own
I am worried I will not find enough time to manage all activities and goals I am aiming for
I’m concerned that I won’t make any friends
Having enough time to study and work
Research Papers!!!
That the workload might be to much for me and I won’t be able to keep my scholarship.
I am concerned that some of my classes will be to difficult.
I am concerned that the work in college will generally be harder than I am prepared for.
Classes, tests, work, reading
None other than finding some winter boots cause I hear it gets chilly here.
I am concerned about social activities
Just Be Happy

Have a great semester
Do well and decide what I want my future to be
I hope I will do well in classes, make many new friends, stay happy.
Making some friends, passing my classes, having some fun, get adjusted to school.
To pass my courses and find my passions.
Good grades
To be happy
Good grades.
For this semester, I hope to achive not only good grades, but I hope to eccel in classes and make an impression
To do good
To pass
Learn more about my major that will be useful later in life. Hands on experience.
I hope you make friends in classes and pass
To learn more about film.
Meet new friends, have fun, try and learn new things and being successful.
I hope to have fun and I hope to do well in class.
To do well in school, to stay physically active
I hope to maintain an A or B average
My hope is to get fabulous grades in all of my courses
I hope to pass all of my classes and not get in trouble
Hope to not slack.
Hopes! I hope to receive good grades. I hope I can keep up with all my work
Hopes for semester: to do well, good grades
I’m hoping to maintain a 30 g.p.a. Pass all my test with B’s
I hope to make a lot of new friends
My Hopes: To succeed in my classes. Be more daring. TAKE RISKS. Have a 3.8 GPA. Get a boyfriend. Be able to focus on school work with no distractions.
To get straight A’s. Make the hockey team.
Do well in all of my classes. Do well in my sport. Make a lot of new friends. Meet lots of women. Get stronger/bigger in the gym.
Improve study habits. Work hard. Make friends. Get involved.
I hope to not become overwhelmed and do well in my classes
To not fail any classes
My hopes are to do well in school, get decent grades and try my hardest. I also want to do well in sports.
To go to all my classes and stay organized all year.
I hope to have a good semester
I hope to get on the dean’s list
I hope to get a good grade point average have a strong grasp on what I want to do the rest of my life
I hope to do well in my classes and meet a lot of new people
I hope to start a wrestling club. Become a producer/editor at the TV station.
I hope to maintain a 3.0 GPA or higher and be active in clubs and activities
Pass my classes w/ A’s and B’s
Hopes: To do well in classes, to make friends
I hope to get good enough grades and GPA to transfer to a different school.
My hopes for this semester is to achieve a great GPA and make new friends.
Get good grades so that I can transfer to a better school as quickly as possible.
I am hoping to obtain exceptional marks in my courses so I can get into law school. I hope the hockey team does well. I am hoping no problems, with anything, arise.
I hope to pass classes with at least a B- or better. I hope to make a lot of friends too.
Hopes: Good GPA, make friends.
Passing with good grades
Passing my courses, making new friends
To pass all my classes with good grades, to meet new friends
To have a good time, meet lots of new people, get a good education
My hopes are to graduate and move onto my phd
Getting a roommate since mine dropped out. Achieving good grades.
I hope to pass all of my classes with good grades.
Hopes for semester: Meet new people and make a lot of friends. Get along with professors and get good grades.
I hope to do well in my classes and have enough time to get everything I want to do done.
Get my G.P.A. and succed in life
Get introduced to all different aspects of FPU.
Get involved AND do the best I can to get grades I am happy with
Hopes for the semester: To pass my classes with good grades. To get more involved than I have been in the past
Succeed, meet professors, get good grades, pass
That the classes are interesting and hands on work that keep me wanting to learn more and do better. I want to actually learn and know about my major.
I hope to adhesive good grades and meet a lot of new people.
This semester I hope to stand out and get found. I hope to play with musicians. I hope to debate.
I hope to get all good grades, form bonds with my teachers and to do all my homework
To challenge myself but be successful, meet new people, be open to new opportunities
I hope to meet new people and get good grades
I hope to get good grades and pass.
My hopes for this first semester is to do extremely well in all my courses.
My hopes for this semester is to do good and meet new friends
I hope to do well academically, have no confrontations and stick to a solid workout plan.
Get good grades in all my classes and have a good GPA. Getting along well with my professors.
Good grades
Hot teachers
Hopes: 1. To do well in my classes 2. Exceed my expectations. 3. Learn about interesting information
To beat Cory, and get a higher GPA to get a free dinner
HOPES: 1. To do well in my classes 2 . Exceed my expectations 3. Learn about interesting information
To beat Cory, and get a higher GPA to get a free dinner. To make the baseball team.
To do well in all my classes and meet new people while learning.
I hope to do well in my classes and make a ton of friends and do well in the process
HOPES… *Make new friends *Have fun! *Do something out of the normal for me
Hopes: Get really involved with campus activities. Maintain a good GPA. Figure out what my major will be.
I hope i can succeed in my clases by recieving good grades and becoming close with the instructors. Hope i make lots of friends.
Hope to do very well my classes
I hope to connect with a good core group of friends. Also, I hope to try my best academically and get good grades.
I hope to maintain good grades
Academic Hopes: I hope that this semester I achieve all my goals and pass flying colors!
Get good grades, meet a lot of people, stay active, clubs
To get the best grades possible for me
Get honors
Make alota friends, get good grades, workout and get sexier, work study, radio show
To pass each class make new friends
To pass all my classes, not fail out, and be able to finance my education
I want to succeed in my courses.
Higher 3.0 GPA, Lots of friends
I hope to do well academically this semester.
This semester, I hope to do my absolute best in all of my classes, and meet my instructors’ expectations.
I hope to do well in my classes. I hope to get good grades. I hope to make new friends, I hope to improve my writing/math skills. I hope not to gain the freshman 15.
I hope the classes wont be too challenging
Keep up GPA, have a good fall baseball season, keeping making more friends
Hopes: To make new friends, to be successful with classes
Get good grades, excel in my courses, from start to finish
Hopes: To get adapted fast and well, to like my classes, learn from my teachers
Hope: I hope that I can make the grade and get more financial aid as a result. I also want to have a lot of fun over the next ten months
Pass all of my classes. Got to academic support for help
I hope to gain life-long friends. I also hope to become more educated and to understand more.
Adjusting well to college life, getting along with people and making friends, Eceling in school work
I hope to get good grades.
Keeping up a 3.0+ GPA. Challenging classes. No snow.
To get a degree, get a decent job, and love my life.
Getting good grades
To be successful with my work load and keep on track with the requirements of my major.
My hope to get help and insight into becoming a great leader/person/for myself and world….I’M GONNA BE GREAT
I hope to get really good grades
I hope that my professors are nice and are willing to help you if you don’t understand
Good grades, play hockey, meet plenty of friends
My hopes for the semester are that I do well in my classes and make a lot of great friends
I hope I can get good grades and make my parents proud of me
Having interesting proffesors that I enjoy learning from. Making and keeping plenty of new friends. Completing all my work without stress. To have a fun experience while still reading and learning.
This semester I hope to make new friends. I hope to do well in my classes. I hope to get a job so I can pay my bills. I hope to establish myself in the FP community. I hope to experience as much as possible.
Pass all my classes!
I hope to succed in school and not miss home to much.
I hope to achieve a 3.5 GPA
My hopes academically, is to get at least to get a b average to make my parents proud
Don’t flunk out, Get more than 1 “a”
My hopes for this semester are to do well and pass all my classes as best I can
I hope to meet many new friends and interests
Work hard and do well
HOPES: Passing my Bio/Chem Lab. To learn knew material to help advance me towards DPT. To do my best.
To do well. Meet a lot of people.
Receive good grades. Make the dance team.
Hopes: I get good classes that don’t suck. I do well.
To get a 4.0
Hopes: Good grades, helpful professors, good working environment, extra help before and after class, small class
My hopes are to do well in my classes and become well educated.
I hope to learn a lot of new things this semester. I also hope to get good grades.
I hope that I pass all of my classes with As and Bs. I hope that I meet great friends.
Hopes: make friends, pass classes, be satisfied w/college unlike the previous college I attended.
I hope that I get good grades and remain the same with my gpa. I hope that I learn a lot about my major.
Meet a lot of really rad new people
I hope I can live up to the challenges I will have to face in my classess and everyday life
I hope to get good grades and have a good time
My goals for this semester are to get very good grades and be known by all of my teachers
To get good grades
Get really good grades
Pass all my classes, easily
To meet as many people, and make as many friends as I can before the year is out
Hopes: To be able to go to class with out a “schedual”
Hopes: Have fun, make friends, get good grades, get a job
I hope to be on honor roll all year. I hope I get along with my teachers.
I hope to pass!
Great grades
Keep my scholarships, Do well in golf, find a girl, get huge
I hope to choose a major that I will be happy with.
I hope to do the best I can.

I won’t be able to keep up w/ my studies. The work will be overwhelming.
Class difficulty
Conserns; Over whelmed, Bad grades, Stress
Concerns: *That I wont make many friends *I won’t be able to handle the load
I am concerned that my marks might be lower than usual because I took a year off from school.
My concern is there will be no parties
Not getting good grades
Being afraid…
Will I keep up with the work
My roommate not opening up
That my internet won’t work
Failing out of college.
Bus travel
I am concerned I will meet a certain class with difficulty
That I won’t make friends and fail classes because I fall behind
Stress and failure
Friends, doing good in class, Getting fat
Possibly being overloaded with work with my labs
Having trouble keeping up with all five courses.
Concerns: I’m not going to be accepted. Classwork will be too much.
Concerns for semester: Not making friends
Concerns: I am worried I will fail.
Staying clean (germs) (showers). Doing all my work.
My efforts in class won’t be enough to pass my courses.
Concerned about how difficult the classes will be.
My fear is that I wont fit in and I wont do well.
I won’t have many friends
I’ll miss home too much.
Doing bad in school. Not making friends.
Falling behind in my studies.
Not passing classes.
Failing classes
Not making friends, things not working out the way I hope…
Work overload
Assignments on time
My concerns are keeping my grades up while playing baseball
Being so busy, to much work, falling behind.
If getting great grades is to hard
That I will not do the best I can
That I’ll be a loser
Not succeeding in school
I am concerned that the classes will be too tough
Concerns and ?’s: Will there be enough parking for students near their dorms; Will I be able to handle a double-major
Not flunking
Hard classes
I may struggle and dislike my classes
Failing out, people not liking me, getting home sick
Organizing and making time for all my classes
I’m concerned about being away from home. I’m concerned about doing well in my classes.
Being overwhelmed, anxiety
I think I may struggle in a lot of classes and hope that i’ll have help.
Bombing a course I am not prepared for
Giving myself enough time for my class work and being a C.A.
Concerns: Not making friends. Being forced into social situations. Losing friends at home. Letting stress overwhelm me.
Can I manage a sport and still get good grades
I’m not concerned
I am afraid I will not do well in Math.
I am concerned that I will slack off and make bad choices
Getting lost, doing poorly
I am concerned that I will not get into creative writing this semester.
My concerns are doing well in college.
Not doing well in my classes. Not getting along with my professors and being focused on my work.
That I won’t do good, and stay in school. Not flunk out!
I’m concerned of being overwhelmed by a lot of work
Concerns: So far just the I.T. reliability
I am concerned about getting in trouble for party’s
Homework, course load, having the right amount of credits for the semester
Concerns: Whether I’ll get into the Gamers Club or not
I am concerned I won’t meet new people or get good grades
I’m concerned that it will be too difficult. I’m also concerned that I won’t be able to keep my work up.
My concerns are receiving too much work and failing.
Concerns/questions: concerned about meeting new people
Concerns: Failing out
That soccer and classes do not crash, and proffesors help.
I am concerned that the classwork will be very difficult.
That there is gonna be a lot of reading which I hate with a passion
My concerns are making friends and not fitting in because of drinking
Concerns: Emailing as main communication
Whether I’ll have time to do everything
Concerns: I hate this school and there’s nothing I can do about it.
Being homesick, not doing good, not making friends.
Overload of work
I’m concern about classes being hard.
Not passing my classes. Not meeting a lot of people.
Not fitting in.
I am concerned about doing well in school.
My biggest concern is that I have major test anxiety and I know classes have the test pretty much the grade of the class
Not to fail. Not to procrastinate.
I’m concerned about courses being hard. And the rediculous kids that get so drunk!
Handling and adjusting to the classes and coursework
I’m concerned about getting good grades.
Not doing well in school. Long nights studying. Not being able to keep up.
I’m concerned it will be much harder than high school and my grades will suffer.
CONCEARNS: 1. To much work. 2. Study habits. 3. To hard.
Not being able to do good in college
Feeling overwhelmed.
Not doing well academically. Getting in trouble/expulsion. Being overwhelmed with work.
Concerns: I don’t make friends, I do poorly in my classes or a class, I don’t get a job, I let myself be extroverted from chances and opportunities.
My concerns are I wont make many friends and it wont be a fun year.
I don’t know how to study
To make sure I stay up with my classes
Bad grades
Concerns: Not having enough time, forgetting about an assignment, procrastinating
To not procrastinate, and being not open with people
Not get A’s and B’s
Not doing well enough in class
I am concerned I will sleep too much. I am hungry all the time. I am concerned when I go home my cats will be angry at me. I am concerned about how many stupid bros there are here (go away bros)
Balancing 18 credits with sports and work
I’m concerned that I will not succeed as well as I want to and I will get caught up in other things
My concerns are being overhwhelmed
That physics is going to be to difficult. That my teachers will be mean.
Fail any classes. Homework.
Work load. Struggle.
More home work than I can handle.
Im concerned that Im going to have a hard time adjusting from high school to college
I’m concerned I won’t havea good semester
The difficulty of classes
Too much school work. Lots of homework.
Concerns are managing my time.
Not getting high grades
My concern is balancing everything
Making friends, doing well in classes, Getting along w/roommate
I hope that I do not fall behind in my classes.
My concerns for this semester are how I will handle college work.
I’m concerned about failing
What if I’m not college material?
Im concerned I won’t be able to handle the workload
Not being able to find a job
I’m concerned of not getting the best grades because my schedule is overwhelming.
Don’t make hockey, get bad grade
Time consuming
What networks work around here?
Concerns: Doing poorly, not enough to do
Getting all hm.wk. done
Not meeting enough new friends
Failing, Not doing well in classes in my major
I’m concerned about where my classes are located?
My concerns is failing at my hopes, especially in math.
I’m concerned I won’t have time for everything.
My concerns for this semester would be failing.

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  1. Molly Haas

     /  September 4, 2008

    I learned a lot about the class of 2012 from this list — thanks to everyone who wrote the answers and to Tracy for compiling it.

    I searched two terms: writ and time. I see that my students are concerned about their writing and about organizing their time (and also having a good time).

    I’m going to use this list in my classes. Thanks again.

    Prof. M

  2. Dawn Stevenson

     /  September 4, 2008

    Class of 2012, you seem to know yourselves well. I was struck by how many of you voiced the same hopes and concerns. The themes presented on this list show that you are “all in the same boat together.” I encourage you to keep that in mind. Use the supports that the college offers in terms of counseling, guidance, tutoring – as well as the supports your peers offer. Talk to each other, share your notes, study together, and see that you all make it to those goals that you have set for yourselves. Finally, don’t forget to connect with the faculty who will be teaching your classes. They will be most important to your success here. Don’t leave them lonely during their office hours. CONNECT! Best wishes for a stellar semester.

  3. Christopher Lawton

     /  September 5, 2008

    Class of 2012–These hopes and concerns have been shared by almost every student here at some point or another. With my own experiences, I know a great many of these sounded familiar, and even in junior year I’m not so far removed that I’ve forgotten them. That said, the greatest gift I’ve discovered here at Pierce is that you’re never alone–just as the similarities on the lists above prove! Trust yourselves, and give yourselves the gift of patience–your hopes will be fulfilled if you make it happen, and your concerns won’t get in your way.

    Best of Luck!!!

  4. Debra Strickland

     /  September 15, 2008

    I feel like I just want to give you all a great big hug. Everyone seems so earnest about wanting to do well, and there are lots of fears about failing. Success in your classes is all about showing up and turning in your work on time. Also, please remember that we’re on your side. If you have class material that you can’t understand, please drop in to see your instructor, or ask for help at Academic Services. Best wishes to all of you!

  1. Hopes and Concerns, Class of 2012 « Schoogle: ASC for Help

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