Hopes and Concerns: Class of 2013

Hopes of the class of 2013[/caption]On September 1st, we asked each new first-year student in the class of 2013 here in Rindge to write down one hope they had for the academic year, and one concern. Here are the combined hopes and fears of the Franklin Pierce University freshman class.

To have fun and do well academically
Meeting people
My greatest hope is to make deans list
To do well in classes
I hope to join lots of clubs and singing groups
Enjoy classes
I hope my education at FPU. Will be one like no other. My goal is to focus and do the best of my ability to succeed
To make friends
I hope to do well in my classes and get used to the college life
To achieve academic success and get stronger for baseball
I hope to do well in school
To keep a B average and to stay happy
Keeping a 3.0
No shenanigans
To meet normal people and not to be bothered by some of the creatures at this school
I hope that I can meet cool people
I hope to get more people involved on campus
I can afford to keep coming here
Depression, agitation, frustration
I hope I don’t fail
Excel in athletics and academics
Find interests
To get to know as many people as possible
To start as goalie in lacrosse
I actually exercise
Graduate and be successful
I hope to do well
Find a band
I hope I can make friends
To figure out what I’m doing. Then graduate
Hope to maintain an acceptable GPA
Doing well in school
To do well and be able to get through the year with good grades
I hope the cafeteria invests in 2 go meals
To pass with good grades
Hope to do well in all of my classes
Having a good G.P.A.
Have fun
I hope I will graduate here with my clinical doctorate in PT
More kids I can relate to
Hope to learn how to blow glass
I make it through the first year(worried about grades)
Earn an accredited degree
I hope to get a good group of friends
To be able to afford college
To grad. early (in 3 years)
My hope is to succeed in college and make friends
I hope I do well in school and baseball
Making new friends
Be successful in whatever I commit myself to
Do well grade wise
Get grades above b-
Meet as many people as I can
I want to meet everyone I possibly can
To make a shit load of money
I hope to be successful with my grades
Become a vegetarian
Playing hockey
Greatest hope is to get good grades and the basketball team wins the conference
My hope is that I want to learn how to do what I want to spend the rest of my life doing.
That I will get good grades
I will do well in class and have fun doing it
To be successful after college
Hope the food gets better
Learn more about myself
That I do well and make the grades I know I can
Hope I do good in classes
Study abroad
To pass and be healthy
I hope at some point in my time here I can join the softball team. Also I hope I meet my own academic expectations
I will get good grades and make new friends
That I can maintain a b average or better
That I can maintain strong academics along with student life
Make new friends and learn a lot more about my major
Grow emotionally
Get good grades
Doing well and getting adjusted
Keep above a 3.0 GPA
Hope to talk about sex
To get good grades
To get good grades
I make new friends
I hope to have above a B average
Hope I Graduate
Be able to start my career as soon as I am out of school
Pass my classes
To meet a lot of cool new people and do well in school
Do well in baseball and school
Pass all classes
Make tons of friends
I hope to get good grades and get my work done
To make new friends and to get a GPA of a 3.5 or better, and become a physical therapist
To meet many new friends
Become happy successful and old
I hope to be #1 on the tennis team and broadcast games and do radio
I hope to get all A’s
To have above a 3.0
To get good grades
To receive a good education, study well and make memories
To have fun and make a ton of new friends
Get good grades
I hope I don’t fail a class
Hope to do well in my class
I hope to do well in college
Things go well
Win national championship in baseball
Being successful
I hope to meet new people and learn a lot
To better myself and become the best me, I can be
No crap
To pass my fall semester
To get good grades and make good friends
Get good grades
Get good grades, have fun
Successful term
Play varsity baseball
To do well/maybe play a sport
I hope to get a good GPA first semester
Do good
Pass with good grades
Do well in class
I hope to figure out what I want to do here fast
I hope I don’t get lost
Make deans list
To get good grades
Hope I do well in school and keep up with sports
Get at least B average
That I meet more people and have fun
I hope I can succeed in all of my classes
I hope I get a better night of sleep
Lacrosse team wins 7+ games
Hope I pass all my classes with good grades
College will be fun
I like Franklin Pierce
Learn lots

To do bad w/ grades
Getting good grades
I’m concerned about home sickness
I am worried I will not make friends
I’m concerned about getting good grades
Biggest fear is that I will fail a class
Being able to communicate with my roommate
I’m worries about being overwhelmed with too much stuff
Major choice
Not succeeding
Maintain a 3.5 GPA
Get my grades and GPA up high
To be able to succeed and have a good time
Keeping a 3.0
No shenanigans
To fail
I’ll be homesick
I won’t get all HW done!
To have good health and succeed
I hope I don’t fail
Not getting the grades I want
Not passing math
I am concerned with me doing well
Whether I will cheat on my girlfriend or not
That I will never know what I want to do
I might not.
Being organized
Not being able to do work
I might not get fantastic grades
Having a good G.P.A.
I fear I will not meet my goal
That I will fail
Not being financially well off
To get good grades
Loud crazy people
My concern is not getting enough involved
My concern is graduating on time if I’m taking 4 classes
Get good grades
No friends
Stay focused
Failing out
I’m concerned my schedule will be overwhelming
Schedule fall
failing school
Greatest concern is not getting my grades to the level I want them to be
My concern is being to far away from home that I won’t want to come back
That I will get good grades
School work
Basketball success
I keep my grades high
That I will get the grades I want
Tough time balancing school, sports, social life, and family friends
Finding the right major
That I will get distracted easily
How hard it will be
There’s too much drinking and smoking weed here and I don’t want to get caught up in it
Obtaining enough financial aid
Managing my time, balancing social time vs. work/study time.
Manage athletics with academics
Get good grades
Staying focused
Dorm life
I might not do well academically
About others ruining my education
I’m concerned I mess up
That I will not be able to start my career as soon as I am out of school
How to get there
To not make the lacrosse team
Struggling with course load
Don’t do well
Dorms/hot water
Fear I want to be able to achieve personal academic ability
The cold weather
Amount of time spent on homework
I’m concerned I’ll sleep through a class
Fear and meeting people
To stay focused and have fun
Nobody gets to stupid
Getting cut from baseball, not making grades
Staying organized
I’m concerned I’ll have not enough free time
To not make the baseball team
To get overwhelmed with work
Getting good grades
Have too much, let school work slip
Too much work
Not keeping grades up
Flunk out/teachers
Slip on slippery bridge
Good grades
I am concerned about failing
Homework/class work
Hope I do well in school and keep up with sports
Being overwhelmed
To not have fun and be stuck in my room doing work
I’m concerned I may not succeed in all my classes
I would like to be able to interact with people better
Lacrosse team will not win at all
Live fast
I fail at school
Making friends
Concern that I might not make it through winter

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