Parent and Family Member’s Hopes & Concerns: Class of 2015

Wordle: Parent Hopes & Concerns Class of 2015

At STEP (Student Transition Experience Program) Day, the Center for Academic Excellence asked the parents and family members of incoming students to write down a hope and a concern they have about their student’s first year at Franklin Pierce.  We drew the slips of paper at random and answered questions during our session, but there are many more we didn’t have time to address.   We present all the aspirations and apprehensions here with our thanks for to all the families for the trust and support they show their students and our university!

Parent and Family Member Hopes for the Class of 2015

…That my daughter finishes + gets a degree in whatever she chooses : )

Balance all aspects of education with his passion of his major. Have fun!

Become an independent thinker confident in what she has to offer the world

Become more independent

Become more open/talkative with others and make new friends

Becomes more self assured about asking for help

Finish in 4 years

Gain a greater degree of self worth and confidence thru strong academic achievements and prowess

Gets all the academic support he needs

Gets involved socially-tries new things

Good education

Happy + safe time at college while earning her degree

Have a smooth transition into college

He adjusts well

He begins to recognize his talents + comes into his own

He can focus and do work in a timely basis. That this is a good fit for him and he takes advantage of ALL that the Uni. has to offer

He truly gets his OWN wish and desires as to what he wants in his future and a smooth transition

He will succeed at whatever he does

Hope able form good friendships

Hope is that our son will develop personal independence & not blindly follow

Hope my son joins a group/student club

Hope she will use the peers for the extra help she needs academically

Hope son learns to experience opportunities that present themselves

Hope that he utilizes all the programs + pushes himself to excel

Hope that she feels comfortable + utilizes the academic resources

I hope for her to keep focused while still exploring all the college has to offer

I hope he will do more than the minimum and find his passion and direct it in a positive way

I hope my child makes some meaningful relationships and in doing so becomes less critical

I hope my child settles in at FPU and becomes part of the community

I hope my daughter becomes an active participant in the Franklin Pierce community. You all seem to be nice and fun!

I hope my daughter begins to become the woman she is meant to be here on earth!

I hope my daughter gains the confidence to TRULY BELIEVE in her potential

I HOPE my daughter opens herself up to new activities outside of the classroom. She tends to be an over-achiever in the class

I hope my daughter will continue to make good decisions during her college experience and beyond

I hope my daughter will have a little more “sense of adventure” be willing to take calculated risks!

I hope my daughter will participate in activities outside academics

I hope my son has the best experience of his life here at Franklin Pierce

I hope my son learns about a field he has never before considered

I hope my son will make good decisions

I hope our son learns to relax in the midst of his drive to success

I hope that my brother enjoys everything FP has to offer

I hope that my child becomes more cognitive time, organization and commitment

I trust that my daughter realizes her talent and thrives for excellence (all the time)

I want him to enjoy his college experience

I want my daughter to gain self-confidence through the college experience

I would like my son to have a great 4 yrs at Pierce. Work + play hard, and live up to his potential

Make nice friends

MY hope is for my son to continue to be his own person

My hope is that my daughter will gain the confidence-independence to know she can be/do whatever she puts her mind to

My hope is that she enjoys this opportunity and takes advantage of all experiences

My hope that she will be able to make decisions on her own

My son finally realizes that he doesn’t know more than I do— (and can stop finishing my sentences for me!!!)

Our daughter discovers what she is truly capable of

Self esteem—know your strengths & weaknesses, succeed, make choices/decisions

She explores things outside her comfort zone

She finds herself + what will make her happy

She seeks academic help, before a problem becomes to large to overcome

Succeed and be who he truly can be

Take advantage of all that is available here including academic support

That he finds the career that will be most fulfilling & bring him happiness + not just do something because he feels he has to!

That he has the experience of his lifetime

That he will find what interests him most—that he will find his voice

That her self confidence will build leading her to be more successful

That my daughter will allow herself to enjoy the experience rather than focus on negatives

That my son steps out of his comfort zone in order to experience all Franklin Pierce has to offer

That she will learn to better organize her time to maximize her academic learning and social enjoyment.

That the university life helps him branch out of his small town upbringing

To believe in herself

To believe more in herself. Be more sure of her feelings about things

To build confidence in his academic & social life

To find something that she can be truly passionate about + enjoy

To grow independently excellence in academics putting the 2 together

We hope that he finds what he is passionate about and grows to his full potential. It sounds like this school will be a great fit for our son and our family.

An appreciation of the importance of factual knowledge.

Be able to schedule time effectively.

Confirm what he wants to be

Expectation- graduate in 4 years

Find a career that she will be happy and successful in. Learn to mature without depending on me.

Find-self confidence- to feel comfortable asking for help.

For him to achieve all that he can academically, socially, and mature through his experiences.

For success in processing those “growing” experiences

Happiness and success

He belongs, he accesses support and help if he needs it.

He will become a well-rounded independent person able to care for himself, his family and his community.

Hope child matures.

Hope for her to be comfortable and involved with her days here. And to do things and activities that are a chance of a lifetime.

Hope for my son to enjoy learning and achieving his goals throughout his college experience. Both academically and in sports.

Hope for support if grades start to slip.

Hope for: Easy transition. The ability to acclimate herself to the different lifestyle and gain much more independence.

Hope he grows into the person he wants to become.

Hope he learns to prioritize + organize as well and not be fearful to ask for assistance when/where needed

Hope she gets involved.

Hope someone looks over him to make sure he is on track+ not overwhelmed- he is an athlete.

Hope that my son takes advantage of all the opportunities available to him here.

Hope that our son has the maturity to focus on school work and balance his social life.

Hope that she will be happy, well educated and accepting of others.

Hope that they take full advantage of all that is offered.

I am hoping that he gains confidence in himself.

I am thankful that FPU is offering days like today and pre-orientation, so my son can connect with others before he comes in August.

I guess my hope is that my son develops life experience and independence that lead him to be a more well rounded man.

I hope he graduates in 4 years and enjoys himself with healthy activities and lifelong memories.

I hope my dtr. enjoys college life while doing well academically

I hope my son will be able to successfully do his sport and do well in his studies. Also I hope he feels compelled to ask for help if he needs it.

I hope she makes good choices with good guidance. Thanks!

I hope that my son takes ownership of his education and asks for help if he needs it.

I hope that she can not stress herself out adjust to dorm life.

I hope that she discovers herself + follows through on her studies.

I want for my daughter to enjoy her experiences here at Franklin Pierce and get the most out of her experiences & education.

I want her to be the best she can be and be able to know how to do that or learn how to do that.

I’d like to see my student get involved!

More independence, responsibilities, and knowledge. Make friends that will last forever and find herself.

My hope is my daughter will get organized and become a self starter.

My hope is that she continues to thrive and grow as she had in high school, and has an awesome experience here!

She gets involved in the world around here and takes action to make it better.

Social relationships and activities other than academics

That my son will feel knowledgeable + comfortable accessing the resources that are here for him.

That our daughter will fit in socially and academics she will be able to keep with workload

That she finds an area of study that she is passionate about. That she will learn how to organize her schedule + develop better study habits.

To continue to become independent while maintaining a sense of family support. To try out new things and get out of the comfort zone. TO have FUN while learning.

To get the absolute most out of the 4 year experience and take advantage of the great opportunity.

We hope she will grow emotionally.

We hope that he gains independence, maturity, and he graduates.

What I want: To continue to figure out who he is, make new friends. He is very quiet, maybe to be a little more outgoing.

What we want for our daughter is success. She has the dream to make a movie/write a book and work for Disney.

Will enjoy the college experience- find his passion + get a job with this + make a decent living-

Parent and Family Member Concerns for the Class of 2015

4 years will turn into 10 years education!

Ability to successfully organize & manage his time and assignments

Academically not in over her head!

Anxious-will allow fear of the unknown to stop her to be unable to achieve above

Boyfriends DO NOT stay over in her dorm

Concern is that he will get up and go to class + excel

Concern of student wanting to transfer after just one year-has that thought at start of fall semester.

Concerned he might not do so well

Concerned how our son will do socially

Concerned that he/she will not be working to their highest potential, and no one will notice

Concerned that she will make wise decisions

Concerned…that she falls into crazy “party” lifestyle + wastes a bunch of $ J


FP is big on Athletics; does the student non athlete take a back seat to the athletes academically?

He disappears—so quiet

He waits for the last minute to get any thing done

He worried about academics & socially shuts down

Home sickness

How do I get my student to go for help

I am concerned about managing her time wisely without staying up until 3:00 am in the morning multitasking

I am concerned that he will procrastinate when it comes to his academics

I am concerned that if she finds things difficult she will give up too easily.

I am fearful that she will not “click” with her roommate.

I don’t have any real concerns. I think she’s in good hands with all of you.

I hope she doesn’t become critical before getting to know her fellow students.

I’m concerned that my son won’t seek out the help he will need to succeed in difficult classes

I’m worried about her getting homesick, scared nervous.

I’m worried that he’ll be too afraid of failing and shut down

Is that our son will always take the easy path.

Making good choices for himself

Making it thru the 1st semester will be more difficult than my son realizes.

My child is not the type that asks for help in class.

My concern is he might be hungry, the other concern is his grades

My concern is that she gets involved with the “drama”

My concern is that she is an undeclared major

My concern would be that my son delays involving himself in activities

My concern would be that she will not put herself out there enough to feel that she fits in.

Not getting help when struggling—waiting to long.

Our daughter will enjoy school activities more than she will take her academics seriously

He is a procrastinator  will he have someone to get him going?

Seek help when needs.

She has the tendency to become distracted worried she will lose focus

She is an athlete and will miss classes to travel. How will she make up work?

Stay organized + EAT healthy

Student may be overwhelmed + be afraid to seek help

That he will not advocate for himself

That my daughter will find it difficult to “juggle” her studies while still having fun!

That my son will not be able to keep up.

That she will not want to return in January

That when overwhelmed or emotionally/physically exhausted that she will “freeze” up or procrastinate.

There will be difficulties in staying organized. Stay up late.

Time management

Too much partying!

Trying to find something that she CAN BE passionate about

Weight gain

What techniques do you use to draw a student in for support help if they do not advocate for the help themselves

Will focus on only classes and activities to do with his major and other classes will suffer

Will my student be able to keep up with the academic demands? Will my student feel comfortable socially in this environment?

Won’t get involved in activities on campus

Worried about frustration, easily gives up with lack of support

Worry about his health. Access to his medical records.

Ability to manage time and responsibilities

About her academic situation

Afraid he won’t get involved with campus life

Asking for help when needed

Balance school and social activities

Being encouraged to ask for help if she is struggling with anything

Biggest problem-time management and organizational skills

Can my son reasonably expect to keep a good academic performance and play a sport at this level?

Can there be a roommate “switch” if the 2 students find they are not compatible

Concerned about toga parties, drinking.

Concerned that he might introvert + miss out

Concerned that she may close herself off and not interact with people

Concerned: whether he will eat enough. He is very thin + picky

Counseling services available any stigmas

Difficulty managing academics with sports

Do the students receive the same type of light, yet very candid message from the staff that the parents do?

Does this environment help the student mature and remain focused as each year the studies become more involved and challenging

Easily distracted. Very verbaly opinionated.

Fear is boyfriend influencing her + making her homesick

Getting work done on time. She tends to be a perfectionist and spends too much time on papers/homework

Going to class

He will get overwhelmed academically and shut down instead of reaching out for help

Her adjustment to being independent

His “internet community” is really important to him–don’t want him to ignore the “real community”

How do we ensure safety and what can we do to make sure she is safe

I am afraid that my child will not ask for help because they are afraid to ask.

I am concerned about her fitting in, making friends + allocating her time.

I am concerned that he will struggle with finding a way to organize his time on his own

I am concerned, because he is very quiet and shy, that he will not seek academic or other help when he needs to.

I certainly hope he keeps his experiences all in perspective

I have heard that there is a lot of underage drinking that goes on—how is this controlled/dealt with?

I worry that my son will fall behind in his classes and not seek help.

If he has a hard time in a class is help easy to find

If he is not “engaging” in academics we will be informed

Is there an advisor on each floor? Upper classman

Loosing touch with daughters progress and her

Maybe too much partying

My biggest concern is did I instill a good enough work ethic in him to get it done w/o my constant prodding

My biggest concern is that the roommate my daughter gets will not be a good fit for her and she will be too embarrassed to ask for a change

My child can sometimes be shy + nervous. I worry he won’t ask for help

My concern is anxiety and her thinking she’s not “living up” to all the expectation

My concern is she is shy + I’m afraid she will be scared to get involved with things she loves.

My concern is that he feels he doesn’t fit in

My concern is that my daughter will make socializing her first priority

My daughter is a bit of a “social wild child”

Only children sharing space

Organizational time management doing too much at once.

Our concern is that he seeks extra help when he struggles

Overwhelmed with being “on her own”

Peer pressure, academic pressure, home sickness, financial stress. Possibly not open up to others.

Roommate issues


Security-safeness on campus

Shuttle service- she will not have a car-how dependable is it


Son and two friends will all be freshmen. Hope they support each other rather than hang.

Student organizational skills

Students understand the expectations to attend + have books

That being 18 does not mean they know it all-that parents are still there to help

That she won’t advocate for herself if she has issues.

Time management

Time management btwn-academics, sports + activities

Time management not asking for help

Time management now that I am not pushing

Time management organizational skills

Underage drinking 1) what does the school do to prevent + what are the disciplinary measures after the fact. 2) Health + security

Video games!

What supports are avl. for students with mental health issues?

Worried about her struggles with math and her not asking for help until it’s too late

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  1. Wendy DeRaps-Richardson

     /  July 16, 2011

    I just would like to say that this has been extremely helpful as well as meeting and speaking with all the staff and hearing not only their perspective as Faculty but as parents as well. I have been so impressed from the first tour of the campus I am so excited to watch my daughter continue to grow and find her way. Thank you to all the other parents as well for all these great questions and comments as we just have the one child and this is so new for us 🙂 It is nice to see many of the same questions being asked by many others 🙂


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